Historic District


The vibrant heart of the city

Fifty years ago, Annapolis became a National Historic Landmark District (NHLD), one of the first cities to achieve this status. A National Historic Landmark is a building, site, structure or object that is officially recognized by the United States government for its outstanding degree of historical significance. A National Historic Landmark District is an extension which encompasses an entire historic district. The district may include contributing properties that are buildings, structures, sites or objects, and it may include non-contributing properties. Contributing properties may or may not also be separately listed.

The Annapolis NHLD encompasses a majority of the colonial historic district. National Historic Landmarks such as the Maryland State House, St. Anne’s Church, and William Paca House are a part of the historic district.

Walking around the historic district of Annapolis will lead you to notice sometimes different markers in front of some properties.

The Historic Marker Program spans forty years and more than 280 properties. These octagonal markers have become an icon of the Annapolis Historic District. While highlighting preserved buildings, these markers also tell residents and visitors more about the property on which they are displayed. A color-coded system is used to signify different architectural periods, while a brass inset displays the building name, date of construction, and architectural style.

This color-coded system is as follows:

Red: Georgian Architecture (1715-1800)

Bronze: Georgian Buildings of National Importance (1730-1800)

Blue: Federal Architecture (1784-1840)

Green: Greek Revival Architecture (1820-1860)

Purple: Victorian Era Architecture (1869-1901).

Gray: 19th-20th Century Annapolis Vernacular Architecture (1837-1921)

Yellow: 20th Century Distinctive Architecture (1901-1938)


What to love:

The heart of Annapolis will give you access to many official buildings like the Maryland State House, the City Hall, or the Court House but also access to many bars, shops, restaurants, gallery, museum, coffee shops or even concert venue.

Hotels and B&B

  • Flag House Inn
  • Historic Inns Of Annapolis
  • Historic Gibson Inns Of Annapolis
  • 134 Prince
  • Georgian House Bed & Breakfast
  • Reynolds Tavern
  • The Inn on Main
  • Annapolis Inn


Among many options you can find

  • Preserve (Farm to Table)
  • Chris and Ruth Delly (An institution)
  • Café Normandie (French cuisine)
  • Aqual Al 2 (Italian)
  • Nano and Joss (Japanese)
  • The Fox’s Den


  • Gott’s Garage
  • Calvert Street Garage
  • John Whitmore Parking Garage